Playing Saturday @ 8:30pm at Katacombes

If D.E.F.O.R.E.S.T.E.R.S was an acronym for a phrase (or two) that describes the band / what to expect from your Pouzza performance, what would it stand for? 
(You can opt out of this question by drawing an artistic representation of all your butts.) 
(I'd prefer you do both tbh) 
Zack: Defiantly energetic fools, obliviously rending everyone's sense of tone, ethics, and rectitude salaciously. 

Why should people come see you instead of, say, Trigger Happy?
Pod: I dunno. I guess if you like pop songs played loudly and sloppily by dudes that are loud and sloppy then you’ve found your perfect match? Or just pass out in your own filth.

Who are you all most stoked for this year?
Pod: I am most excited for Dee Cracks and the “Iron Chic Cover Band”. I’m also gonna speak for everyone else here ‘cause fuck those guys. Shawn is excited for Trigger Happy, Kris is excited for steamies and Zack is excited for PUP.

Would you rather a) eat a slice of pizza that has been used to wipe all of School Damage's asses for the entire Pouzza weekend or b) watch the Kardashians try to reenact Star Trek Into Darkness while sitting in a diaper of your own shit for the entire 3 days of Pouzza and miss it? 
Kris: Put your hands together.

Seriously though, what should first timers expect the state if their bowels to be in after the weekend is over? Share past experiences.
Zack: Like any festival, drink as much coffee and beer as possible in order to induce diarrhea to blow out the copious poutine constipation