Playing Saturday @ 12am at Bar L'Exit

All you Hounds guys are pretty experienced with this whole band thing, how does all that come together in the studio, especially with someone like Scott (Cancer Bats) producing? who brings what to the table?
Pat: We are but all that experience gives you is the knowing of how to make a record on a technical level. Be on time, play well and be ready to catch any magic. Every recording session is different but creatively this was something totally new for everyone involved. We had never made a record together as a band and Scoeb had never recorded one. But none of us were intimidated. We were just excited to play our music and see what happens. I guess that's another thing our experience gives us. We're not afraid of not knowing. It excites us. This has to be to play in a real band and make real music. Take risks, push hard and cut deep.

Did you name the new album after that song by The Stampeders - "Wild Eyes" ? #canadianity
Pat: We didn't but Rich Dodson's daughter Holly is a friend of mine. She plays in a band called Parallels ( Maybe she can send him a copy. He might get a kick out of it.

I'd imagine Pouzza Fest is the closest thing to a joint home for Hounds, with all the Torontoots coming up to mesh with the Montrealers... how do you not get too drunk to play by 12am on the Saturday!!?
Pat: These festivals are great for bringing people from all over together for the same reason; music and partying. Bands and fans alike. Toronto's coming in droves and we have a heavy crew in Montreal. They rep hard at Pouzza and it's so chill. Hounds played our first Montreal show as part of a "secret" Pouzza show and it was filled with friends from both cities. To me, these festivals are mostly about people. Music just gets us there. Through punk rock, I've made friends that I'll have until I'm dead. The secret to avoiding a drunk, sloppy midnight set at L'Exit is to not show up until soundcheck on Saturday. Play a show with Cerebral Ballzy at the Horseshoe in Toronto the night before (Friday, May 15th)! Since you'll be driving most of the day Saturday, you won't be drinking until you reach Montreal. I think there are laws in place to keep you from doing otherwise.

What are you guys most excited to see / do while you're at pouzza?
Pat: Play. Play. Play. A proper show this time. Last year we weren't formally on the schedule and played a little off the path. To our shock, it was a great show so this year we're stoked to see what a proper Hounds set at Pouzza will be like. Like I said earlier, not knowing is thrilling.

What's next for hounds aside from pouzza? there's a couple toronto shows mentioned, any plans to tour?
Pat: Things being the way they are right now, very specific things would have to align to get Hounds outside of Southern Ontario and Quebec. But we'll see what happens when 'Wild Eyes' has some time to breathe. Right now we're working on new music. It's too early to say when it'll be heard recorded but if you come see us play, you're gonna hear some wild shit.

Tour dates:
05/07 Toronto, ON – The Horseshoe (CMW)
05/15 Toronto, ON – The Horseshoe *
05/16 Montreal, QC – Pouzza Fest

* with Cerebral Ballzy

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