PRE-POUZZA CHATZ: Jesse LeBourdais

Jesse LeBourdais 
Playing Sunday @ 12:15pm at Foufs

Is the midday play tougher to pull off because people are slightly more sober and hurtin or is it harder to pull off a set later when everyone (including yourself if you drink) is plastered?
Yeah, I thought about that, but I'm ok with it. Noon is late enough that I can clear my head and pull my life together enough to pull it off. I'm lucky enough to be playing where the food is. Nothing like someone yelling songs at you and some pancakes to sober you right up. Even if you don't like it, you still get food.

As a solo artist you really put so much more of yourself out there on stage with you when you perform, how does the festival atmosphere affect you and your performance vs your own show?
If you are up on a big stage, it gets weird at first to not be able to make eye contact and personally connect with people in the crowd but it really forces you to be better. You can't stumble over your words as much and you have to be a bit more coherent. But as a solo player, you end up playing a whole variety of random venues/halls/bathrooms anyway, so the variety and change is part of the fun.

Who are you most excited to see / hang out with this year?
From the very start I wanted to watch 88 Fingers Louie and Municipal Waste, but was super excited that some of my favourite Ontario people, Jon Creeden and Brutal Youth were playing as well. Then I saw that their shows all conflict so now I have to choose. Or just run around a lot. In cases like that I will always go to friends shows, just for the camaraderie. Fresh Hell from Ottawa are rad and Audio/Rocketry and Fire Next Time are two amazing bands from Alberta that everyone should watch. I'm honestly excited for all the bands that I don't know yet.

Will it feel weird to play songs from Long Winter in late spring?
Seeing how I just drove through two blizzards this weekend on tour, I am not putting a nail in that coffin until I am absolutely sure it won't be snowing. I'm going to look at every grey cloud with suspect. Actually, we don't even get winter in Vancouver, so what do I even know about it? I've been wearing shorts since January.

Would you rather play an incredible show for a crowd of strangers while naked from the weight down in the cold orrr play the worst set of your existence in front of everyone you've ever loved?
I would rather play the worst show of my existence in front of everyone I've ever loved because they will all know me well enough that I can fuck anything up and they probably won't be too hard on me. It's nice to know where the bottom is, performance wise, and all the better to do it in front of people who are too invested in you to hold it against you.