Jon Creeden
Playing Sunday @ 11:30pm at Frite Alors!

Who/what are you most excited for this year at Pouzza?
I am most excited to see a bunch of friends from all over the place in one small part of Montreal for a few days. As far as bands I'm pretty excited for Fire Next Time, Audio Rocketry, because it's been a while since I've seen either of them play. Oh and of course stuffing my body full of garbage food and good beer.

Is your set an exclusive set only for those with short J names? Jon, Jo, Joe... Are you the outcast because you're Jon not Jo/e?
I believe it is, I think it was someone at the top's brilliant idea, maybe we will get to be on Just For Laugh's Gags because of it! I do feel for sure that I am the outcast and because of that I will be playing with a couple friends behind me and we will now be "Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish" So now my name is super long.

What kind of funny shit are you known for saying whilst drunk?!
Jesse LeBourdais could definitely field this question better, he has a running tally and sometimes tweet's the things I say while drunk. From memory though I'd say it usually involves Pizza and the finding of. I also have a lot of excellent ideas for you tube shows and pod casts that will never happen.

If you could only eat poutine or pizza for the rest of your life, which would you choose? i mean, you can eat anything else, but between those 2 things you have to pick.
Pizza for sure. It was my first love between the two, and there are ways to put potatoes and cheese curds on your pizza in different combinations, but I don't see how I could get pizza secretly into my poutine.

Do you dream in beards?
I do not dream in Beards, although I almost always have one on my face making for extra cushioning when sleeping on random couches and floors, so I have pleasant dreams more often.