Not Half Bad
Playing Saturday @ 6:45pm at Theatre Ste-Cath

who are you most stoked to see at pouzza?
Braceface, duh. And The Planet Smashers… and PUP.

in honour of the latest release split with crab legs what is the dorkiest/nerdiest thing about each one of you dudes?
Alex plays Dungeons and Dragons (4.0 is for chumps), Thomas loves Gilmore Girls, Aaron has a thing for Korean action movies and I want to play D&D but I fucked up the last game Alex let me play.

if you could form a band made up of yourself and any other punk rocker playing pouzza this year, who would you ask to join?
Probably Jeff Rosenstock and all the dudes in Goddamnit because we all like hot sauce and drinking. And the guys from Typesetter. We'd be like The Pogues, but drunker.

would you rather not be able to stop crying every time you had sex, or not be able to stop jizzing every time you play a set?
What kind of question is that? Jizzing. Always jizzing.

glad you're coming back to canada in nicer weather this time, what are you looking forward to most in our cute little country?
LA BANQUISE! Best Fucking Poutine Ever! Pouzza was a blast last year and we're too stoked to be a part of it, again!