Plan 37
Playing Saturday @ 1:45am at TRH Bar

On a scale of buzzed to shitfaced, how drunk are y'all going to be for your 1:30 am pouzza set?
A well balanced mix of space weed and Romulan ale will probably have some of us sitting somewhere between Shit-Eating Grin & Not Quite Lost But Confused Nonetheless. If you see Cindy on a skateboard at TRH-Bar before our set = closer to shitfaced than just buzzed!

Do aliens have a higher or lower tolerance for alcohol than us humans?
The term "alien" is offensive to us. As far as we're concerned, all lifeforms come from the same "onion" we call the Eververse. Just because we are from a different "layer", doesn't make us alien in the grand scheme of it all. But to answer your question, Jonny Bratt is a lot things but he is NOT a Nazi.

What's the equivalent to poutine pizza back on your planet?
Poutine Pizza aka Pouzza. Turns out Québec does delivery anywhere to anyone* in the Eververse. Or was it DeGiorno? *does not apply to Non-Québécois Canadians.

Who are you most stoked to see this year at pouzza?
We're super stoked to hang out with our pals in Montreal and to catch sets by East End Radicals, The Muffs, Direct Hit!, and DeeCracks to name a few. As for who we don't wanna see: That jackbutt rhythm guitar player from Deforesters. What a dong bag!!!! Who does he think he is? One of our band members? Frak that!!! If our Sh'onn and him see each other, we guarantee it will be an instant fight to the death.

You're releasing a new ep next month, what can fans expect from this one?
Death, Death, Failure and Hope. Oh, and songs that don’t have binary in it!