Playing Friday @ 11:00pm at Piranha Bar

What are you guys most excited to see/do at pouzza?
Being back is incredibly exciting for us. The entire Pouzza staff have really been a great helping hand with us being able to grow. As far as bands go-we are only there the first day which means there's no way we are missing Thomas McDonald and the Record Collection or Bottle Kids. I feel it's implied but also excited to eat as much poutine as possible.

What inspired "Le Grand Fromage" off the new album? Sounds like the perfect Pouzza jam!
It's named after a bar in Atlantic City actually. It was a show where I almost quit the band after. The idea behind it is that point when your band first hits the road and you have that struggle with being out of your comfort area and deciding if that's what you want to help outgrow even. The lyric "I'd give anything to go home/ I gave up everything to leave" sums it up the best.

Describe Rock & Roll In America as if it were a Bill Murray movie!
In the film 'Caddy Shack' groundskeeper Carl Spackler (played by Bill Murray) embarks on a relentless pursuit of a devilish gopher, who is wreaking mayhem on the greens of the beautiful Bushwood Country Club. The parallels to our Record, "Rock and Roll in America" are clear as day. We (Rebuilder) are Carl, trying to maintain order in an orderless world, and pursing our ambitions, not through groundskeeping, but through punk rock. The terror brought about by the gopher, represents a daily struggle to maintain equilibrium, to persevere and to prosper, in a world thats betting against you...But I find its best not to over analyze such things.

How's the poutine in Boston? Or is it all chowder, beans and cream pie?!
Poutine is only offered at a few locations actually which is heartbreaking. The place that does it the best in town, Roxy's Grilled Cheese, is next to where we practice so we couldn't really ask for more. The "traditional" Bostonian food staples aren't really anything we mess with too often. Hard to feel comfortable after eating a tub of chowder.

What do you guys gots that Fake Problems ain't gots?
Hell of a band to not only have to miss but go up against for sure. Hoping we attract out some people who want to sweat in a small room and party. As far as what we have that they don't .... Maybe cut off t-shirts but for sure a disco ball hands down. Hope to see some new also familiar faces at Piranha Bar on Friday at 11pm!

Rebuilder's debut full length Rock and Roll in America comes out this June on Panic State Records.
Pre-orders are available now!