Serenity Now
Playing Friday @ 8:15pm at TRH Bar

Why aren't you releasing your new EP on May 4th?
We wanted to but it's my girlfriend's birthday and I figure I should spend some time with her watching episodes 4-6, rather than firing press releases off into the abyss.
Serenity Now's Facsimile will be out May 5th.

If you had to choose between never playing music again OR never speaking of or watching star wars again, which fate would you suffer?
What kind of cruel god…we'd have to break up again. Which is a shame because we're all set to cash in on our big reunion money.

Who are you most excited to see this year at pouzza?
The Holy Mess and Gameday Regulars. And they're playing at the same time. Agh!
Also, I can't stop listening to Success' new album. Them too. Plus so many others. There's a shit ton of great bands and a bunch of friends playing!

What are you doing right now to prep yourself for the fairly big tour you guys are about to embark on leading up to pouzza!?
Satanic rituals, chants, human sacrifices, etc.
Also, Gabe got a new leather jacket.

Do you think that at 8:15pm you will still be sober enough to skateboard while playing? i'll give you 1 pbr drink if this happens.
Oh, definitely. I mean, I've only stepped on a skateboard once in my life and I fell immediately but yes. I can definitely do that.