PRE-POUZZA CHATZ: Wasted Potential

Wasted Potential
Playing Sunday @ 6:30pm at Foufs

whose dick did y'all yank to get on that crusades/dwarves bill? are you guys dying over that lineup or what!
No Dicks Yanked, we are all very excited that we get to play with our good friends in Crusades and Hashed Out!! The fact that we are getting the chance to play with Municipal Waste, The Dwarves, Holy Mess and Get the Shot as well, is just making the whole Pouzza experience incredible!!

you're basically pouzza pros by now, what's your game plan now that you know the ropes? got any do's and don'ts for the festival?

I don't know about pro's, but here are some guide lines for surviving the weekend. Eat as much Poutine/ Pouzza you can, drink all the great beers Montreal has to offer, and hang out with the dudes from Stuck Out Here as much as you can (they will show you all the best back alleys of Montreal to shotgun beers in).

who are you most stoked to see this year at pouzza?

We're stoked to see so many bands at Pouzza, these are just a few DC-88 Fingers Louie/Crusades DA-Beach Slang/Success Reg-Brutal Youth/Hashed Out Danny-Solids/Hounds Nick-Deforesters/Municipal Waste

would you rather only be able to eat pizza if it has random pubes on it like in she's all that for the rest of your life, OR never eat pizza again? 

Pizza with random pubes it is (only if we are listening to the Clydesdales "Pubes in your Mouth" )

who did that sweet pizza art for the owen wilson split??The Art for the Split with Owen Wilson on Yeah Right! Records, was done by our pal Patrick Sparrow. He's worked with us before on some shirt designs as well. Amazing Artist!