Bottle Kids
Playing Friday @ 7:00pm at Piranha Bar

What are your top 3 favourite Rickyisms of all time?
Well we definitely run the risk of being accused of pandering to our brethren in the Great White North but, we released a song off of our new EP called "Worst Case Ontario". It's pretty great that he doesn't know the proper name for animals (racons and canapillars), make like a tree and fuck off, supply and command, indianapolis jones, rocket appliances, swallow my prize, WHAT DO YOU OWN SPACE? NO NASA DOES. Sorry just too many. And of course, get two birds stoned at once.

Would you rather die from having your head bashed in as you and a tool box tumble down a set of stairs, or would you rather be devoured by roaches?
Honestly, probably blunt force trauma from a falling cabinet. But in the cinematic world of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, you can survive those types of things so...I guess it depends on your state of reality.

Who/what are you most stoked for at Pouzza?
This is such a great opportunity for our band to get out on the road and see some new places. It's especially exciting that we get to come to Canada, and check out Toronto on the way to Montreal. Definitely the most exciting part, if not for the line up and new places, is hooking up with all our friends bands on the way. Quite a few of the bands we have built shows with in the past are making their way across the country (countries?) on the way to Pouzza, so we get to set up shows here in Chicago and cities along the way like Detroit. The line up is super exciting too, Teenage Bottlerocket, PUP, Fake Problems, The Holy Mess, Municipal Waste, so many! Can't wait to roam the streets of Montreal.

I was in Chicago for the Red Scare anniversary show and i fell tits over butt in love with the place, it was the most fun. what is the punk scene like there on a normal weekend?
The punk scene in Chicago is pretty big and diverse. Different parts of the city are home to different styles. The southside hosts incredible hardcore and grind house shows, the northside has the midwest pop punk bands. There are old school style bands, oi bands, experimental, what you'd expect from a major city. The rallying point can sometimes shift, and the sense of connectivity to the scene can ebb and flow, but overall pretty exciting. My selling point for Chicago has always been that you can see a punk show on any night of the week, close your eyes and pick one! And of course, as you mentioned Chicago is home to Red Scare, which is a lot of fun. Those bands play pretty frequently.

Do people really eat deep dish pizza there? (the guys at this tattoo shop got the thinnest pizza and said nobody eats deep dish!) and do they have good poutine?? they should have a deep dish poutine pizza. (this is totally a question, okay!)
This is a great question. Deep dish is so polarizing, well not really deep dish...I think that any style is great (my personal favorite is Detroit style square pizza, a whole different story). I think that the major concern with Chicago deep dish is the price. As delicious and nutritious as it may be, your average punk shmo can't afford a $25 pizza every night. So yeah it kind of turns into a tourist thing, albeit a delicious one. As for poutine, I've only ever had it once! Chicago is know for it's Vienna Beef stands, not so much hot gravy fries. So that's gunna totally kick ass when we finally have a pile in front of us. Oh! real quick, When Lost Love was in Chicago, all Guilhem wanted was a burrito (we had one or three), and he was right. Chicago has excellent Mexican cuisine. Anyway if you start a deep dish poutine pizza joint, I want in!