Playing Sunday @ 10:45pm at Foufs

Did Miley Cyrus inspire Sluts of the USA?
Miley does like to twerk it, doesn’t she? I’m still trying to wrap my head around ‘Hoedown Throwdown’ though. Anyway, her little sister is cuter.

If you could pick any 3 living celebrities to own & pimp out, who would you pimp?
I’d like to make Kanye and P Diddy use their permanently open blow job shaped mouths to service the entire 7th Fleet of United States Navy. That would keep them occupied making me money instead of making insufferable records that pretend to be hip/hop. The third one would be Arianna Grande. She’s mine!

Who/what are you most looking forward to at Pouzza besides all the french kids ?
I always enjoy the chance to have the Dwarves humiliate any bands that dare to play the same festival as us. It’s like pearls before swine!

Will you guys be hanging around all weekend or are you just getting in on the Sunday?
We play Calgary Weds & Thurs, Winnipeg Fri. & Toronto Sat. Then Sunday we conquer Pouzza and call it a successful invasion.

Do you mind if I call my site MusicSheBlaged now instead of MusicSheBlogged?
Feel free to name your site after me, I’d be honored.

Bonus curiousity: Have you checked out/are you aware of the band that's on the bill before you guys, Crusades?
I haven’t heard the band Crusades yet, but ever since our website ( got hacked by Islamic fundamentalists (I’m not joking, it’s true) the crusades have seemed like a really good idea to me!