Fire In The Radio
Playing Sunday @ 8:15pm at Katacombes

How is the poutine in philly? is philly cheese steak poutine a thing there? (asking for a friend)
I’ve never had poutine that I didn’t enjoy. I’m so glad you asked because it has sparked a discussion within the band. I suddenly realized that not all of us in the band are familiar with the savory goodness of poutine. Since I consider myself to be part Canadian (my father and his side of the family are all from Cape Breton; “Capers”), I am lucky enough to have enjoyed poutine at an early age. There are a few spots that serve poutine in Philly so it’s still catching on. Since we’re heading to Montreal in a couple of weeks, we’ve got a great opportunity to properly introduce poutine into Fire in the Radio’s menu. I couldn’t be more excited.

Who are you most excited to see at Pouzza?
There are so many bands that I would love to see, there’s probably no way to schedule all of them. Knapsack is awesome, we’re lucky enough to be opening a show for them in Toronto and then Sunday at Pouzza as well. Won’t miss that one. But just for starters: Beach Slang is sick, big fan of Joey Cape, count me in for Teenage Bottlerocket, 88 Fingers Louie, Municipal Waste, and the list goes on…. By the time we hit the stage Sunday there’s no doubt we’ll be fully charged from seeing some great shows.

If there was only one band with 'Fire' in their name allowed at the festival and you had to duke it out with Fire Next Time in order to play, what sport would you choose to do it in and why?
There’s another band on my list. We not only have ‘Fire’ in common, we also have mutual friends in Jesse Gander and Alan Douches. Jesse mixed and Alan mastered our album Telemetry, and I believe they’ve worked with Fire Next Time as well. That being said, this hypothetical scenario you’ve presented would need to be handled with care. While at first my mind went to curling, I need to remember that these guys are from Canada and we could be at a disadvantage. Ping Pong, the answer is Ping Pong for obvious reasons.

Were you watching Steve Mcqueen clips when you wrote the song called Steve Mcqueen? because it really goes well with them.. what were you doing if not?
Well the music came before the lyrics with Steve McQueen. Rich did the lyrics for the song, and came up with the title. He apparently was watching a documentray on McQueen at the time he was writing the lyrics. It really seemed fitting to the vibe of the tune.

The cover for The Equalizer is the best ever, how did that come about?
Yes it is. That image comes right out of the “webisode”. It’s a snapshot of one of the many classic moments the world will witness very soon when ‘The Equalizer’ premieres this week at Everyone is going to have to check out the video to see what the story is. No spoiler alerts. These “webisodes” have been an absolute blast to make, and people seem to really enjoy them. There are more that we hope to produce so we have a Kickstarter campaign going for the next couple of weeks to help us finance them.
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