The Penske File
Playing Sunday @ 4:30pm on the PABST Stage

You've got a pretty sweet time slot at Pouzza this year, at least in terms of not being too shittered at 4:30pm... but it's on the Sunday, so on a scale of the shakes to the shits, how hungover do you anticipate being at that point? Not only is it after 2 days of Pouzza, it's also the end of a long ass tour for you guys!!
I'm hoping that we will have a pretty good threshold for the morning after by that point of the tour. That, along with a dash of self control (super punk) can lead to us not totally blowing it. All in all super stoked to play that stage at that time.

Who are you most excited to see this year?
We're unfortunately not gonna be there on the Friday, so I'll be missing some of my festival must sees that night (pup, fakey ps). For me, their aren't as many "big bands" that are on my need to see list this year, so I'm just really stoked on watching friends bands who I love and discovering some new bands (which is always one of my absolute favourite parts of pouzza)

What made you decide to tour before the album comes out? What do you have planned for after?
Well, Creepshow were nice enough to offer to take us on tour heading out west, which is something we haven't done in a while so we just kind of jumped at the opportunity. We've got a lot of touring plans following pouzza and the early June release of our album. Nothing we can really talk about yet. But it's definitely looking like this will be our busiest year as a band thus far. Which makes us all really happy

What happened between A Restless Symphony and now, that's a couple years where there hasn't been music, but then you got signed to stomp records which is amazing, fill in the blanks yo!
Between our A Restless Symphony release and now we've all grown as individuals, friends and musicians. We did our first cross Canada tour in support of that album. Did our first shows/tours in America. Made so many awesome friends. We lived in a house together in our hometown of Burlington for a year while writing the new album and recorded it in 8 days at drive studios in Woodbridge, ON in December. So we've been fairly busy since the ARS release. Hoping to fill the calendar a lot more for the next two years

Would you rather be stuck reading the minds of a crowd who really hates you, or stuck playing a small, airless venue and a crowd with really bad gas?
I'd probably have to say the airless room filled with bad gas. It's kind of like doing a 5 hour drive with 4 dudes who just are wicked Mexican food, which sort of a common occurrence