The Readys
Playing Friday @ 9pm at Bar L'Exit

If you had to pick 3 bands from your pouzza lineup to go up against Miracles, Drag The River and Joey Cape in a sing-off, who would you choose and why?
Miracles vs. Powernap. So Hugo has to battle himself. Drag the river vs. Rogue Rivers. For the battle of rivers. Joey Cape vs. Jen Fiorentino. So she can cover his songs and sing them prettier.

What would you guys do to get Ready's to rumble in said sing-off?
Drink a lot of beer and whiskey.

Who are you most excited to see at pouzza?
There are so many good bands but I am really excited to see Cerebral Ballzy.

What is the best fried replacement for fries in a poutine? (this may or may not end up as my dinner tomorrow)
More fries!

What do you do in Newmarket ON when you're feeling romantic?
Get the heck outta Newmarket.