I chatted with a few Pouzza bound buds to see what they thought of the festival and this year's lineup.

Luc Vaillancourt of Dumb Adults
Shelby Monita of Hoser Punx
Franky Gogo of Ottawa

Who/what are you most excited for this year?
LUC: I'm super excited to see many bands! Too hard to pick a favorite, but Jeff Rosenstock, Beach Slang, Crvsades, Solids, PUP, Barrasso, Municipal Waste, The Almighty Trigger Happy(such nostalgia), Hounds, Hashed Out, and The Isotopes are all can't miss, won't miss sets for me. I haven't checked if there's any scheduling conflicts for any of those shows, that would be a bummer. But almost more than the shows themselves, I'm extremely stoked to see all my pals. I don't live in Montreal anymore and a lot of my favorite people live there, so it's always cool to see them. I love them all do much. Shoutout to my Bearded Eagles and the Daughters of Mayhem! Oh and the food, I cab't wait to shove food in my face!
SHELBY: Jeff Rosenstock and Cerebral Ballzy
FRANKY: I'm most excited to hang out and watch/hang out with all my Ottawa/Toronto friends, i get to finally see DEFORESTERS!!!. but mostly, making bad decisions.

What are you least excited for?
LUC: By far the thing I'm least excited about is all the walking around snad standing around. I have an old shitty lower back and old shitty feet so by the end of Friday night I'm already complaining and looking for a good sit. I think this year I'll bring the orthodics I put in my work boots haha. I wonder if they fit in a pair of Vans?
SHELBY: The Muffs, only because I just saw them in Toronto
FRANKY: The aftermath of bad decisions, and running from TRH - Piranha bar, they're so far from the rest, oh and missing bands like TBR, Dwarves and PUP because well, i gotta hang out with my Ottawa friends.

Will you be going to yoga with Miguel from TBR?
LUC: I think I will go to Yoga with dude from TBR. I've been looking to start doing a bit of yoga, I started doing karate last year and my flexability is shit, so I'm hoping doing a bit of yoga can help me achieve decent kicks to face haha.
SHELBY: If I can drag my lazy ass there. I'm defiantly not against the idea of going
FRANKY: I think i actually convinced him to throw that idea to Hugo, at least i think i did? I will try and do some yoga, however, i have never done any, so i might be that fat guy all the way in the back slightly off to the side(hopefully behind a tree).

Advice to those who haven't gone to pouzza before?
LUC: As far as advice for those who haven't been to Pouzzs Fest yet, I'd say don't put all your hopes in that super airtight schedule you made. You probably won't get to see all the bands you want to, shit happens. This is my 5th year, 3rd time not playing, and every year I miss bands I wanted to see for various reasons. So don't stress, go with the flow, take time to shotgun beers in an alley, to talk to randoms, to stuff your face in Montreal's vast array of amazing restaurants, or to catch a few innings of the Jays game in between two bands. The less fucks you give, the more fun you will have. I think Confucious said that.
SHELBY: Don't expect to see much of Montreal. The fest can/will beat the shit out of you. Hide your flask well, they search.
FRANKY: Bring a sweater/pants, Montreal can be viciously cold in may. Also, check out the merch fair at foufs, and spend all your money there, along with 2$ ceasars/beer.

Fav Pouzza venue?
LUC: My favorite Pouzza venues would have to be Katacombs and Foufs. Katacombs is a sweet venue all around, and the sound is always good. It's a great venue. And Foufs has cheap beer, and my buddy Beaudet works the console so the sound is always tight. Plus the terrasse at Foufs often serves as a place to chill in the sun, drink sangria, and just sit. I love a good sit.
SHELBY: I always spend way too much time at Foufs
FRANKY: I am a fan of Katacombes, there's something about skulls and they have a pinball machine.

Best place to stay in Montreal for the Fest?
LUC: For the past two years my girlfriend and I have rented a room in the UQAM residences(Pouzza Fest HQ)and if you're coming in from out of town it's a pretty decent way to do it. It's not too expensive, you come and go as you please without bothering anyone, you can run and catch a quick powernap after too many afternoon beers, and you're a two minute walk from pretty much everything. But this year we're gonna stay with friends, because it's free.
SHELBY: Hostels are always my go to. Never ending party
FRANKY: This is my 2nd time going, last year i stayed in Hotel des Arts, which is conviniently located about 100 metres from katacombes, however, this year me and a couple friends got a place from airBNB, which i hope is swell, the listing says there's a pool, i hope it's indoors or heated, that way we can have a pool party on monday morning!

Favourite place to get poutine?
LUC: I've always been partial to La Belle Province because they have the right kind if fries, they pile of the cheese, and they have a good thick gravy. I don't like any extras on my poutine. Only problem is they dont't serve pizza pie at La Belle Pro, so often times I settle for Sipan's, just so I can have a Pouzza. I try to eat only one per year, cause eating a Pouzza has to be one of the worst things you can do to your body. Top five for sure.
SHELBY: Le Belle Province. I don't even know if it's good because I'm always very drunk when I go there. But it's open late and is close to most the venues.
FRANKY: Believe it or not, i've only had one poutine last year, and i don't really remember where, i was just tagging along with Mr. Creeden, it was alright. I'm definetly looking forward to having at least 2 a day this year, and pizza, lots of pizza.