A Very Fat MusicSheBlogged - by Michael Del Vecchio

One of MSB's favourite people - Michael Del Vecchio of 331arts and a rad band called Thirty Helens from London, ON - came down to interview some pretty sweet members of the Fat family at the Bovine during the Fat Wrecked for 25 Years tour kick off party in Toronto. Check it out!

What is your very first memory of Fat Wreck Chords?

RED: Uhhh boy… Well you know, you know when we got that call to be on Fat Wreck Chords…that might have been it. Nah, I am just kidding. No, I don’t recall. I guess it was maybe when I started to get into punk rock stuff. It would be around… I don’t know… 13. I am not good with numbers. That comes after 14 right? Something like that. Anyway, somewhere around there I started getting into it. Actually, the first Fat Wreck Chords band I ever saw play was Diesel Boy.

YELLOW: *nods in agreement*

Officer Bradford: I’d say getting the first comp “Fat Music for Fat People.”

Blue: I don’t know. Literally I have no idea. I just sort of emerged from the nebulous bog of my teenage years. I just remember that it was there. But once you knew about…yah, I think I learned about Fat Wreck Chords through NOFX.

KJ: The first time I ever heard of Fat Wreck Chords, we played a show in Winnipeg, cause Fat Wreck Chords hadn’t, like none of the bands had played in Calgary really, we didn’t hear of them anyways, and all these bands in Winnipeg were talking about Fat Wreck Chords and how they want to be on Fat Wreck Chords and all these things. And we were like “Oh, what’s that?” Then on our first tour we ended up playing with Lagwagon and Strung Out in Quebec. Before the show, there were like 2500 kids in this hockey arena, and before the show they were moshing in the parking lot and broke the lights on top of Lagwagon’s van or something and we were like “Who are these bands we never heard of and why are these kids going so crazy?” Then we became friends and now we are here. That’s all I know.

El Hefe: My first memory of Fat Wreck Chords was Mike in his apartment putting the first NOFX 45 together. It was being released on Fat Wreck Chords. I remember that…walking in and it was on some like shitty photocopy paper, with plastic wrap. Yah, it was blue paper with black ink with a picture of… who was that? Ronald Regan fucking Margaret Thatcher with a dildo or a strap-on. Who was that?

Melvin: It was Jim and Tammy Baker.

El Hefe: That’s right. For the record, Ronald Regan was not fucking Margaret Thatcher.

Describe an experience that made you feel part of the Fat Family.

RED: Burritos. We had burritos with them. They were very nice. We stopped by the warehouse, you know, to steal some of our own records and then sell them later cause we figured then we won’t have to pay Fat for them and we’ll just steal them and we’ll make the money. Yah. So, we were going to do that but then they were there, yah know, I guess people work during the week, like 9-5, so that is a BAD time to break in it turns out. But yah and they saw us there and they bought us burritos. San Francisco definitely has some good burritos.

YELLOW: *nods in agreement*

KJ: I think, you know, sometimes for me it was like the first time bands were rolling through town and they would call us and be like “Hey, you want to hang out?” That was the first time we were like, “Oh yah”. Cause we were on a record label before where there wasn’t very much of that. So that’s when I first felt it and it hasn’t really changed much since then.

Office Bradford: They gave me a San Francisco police uniform. I didn’t want to get anyone in trouble. I don’t know how they got it, that’s not my jurisdiction. But uh, that made me feel good.

Blue: Eating burritos at the warehouse. Going there and having lunch. You know, it really is like a bunch of friends. And I think Mike and Erin look at the bands as kind of like chill.

El Hefe: Right now. Shit, I kind of felt a part of it right from the beginning when I joined the band. I got welcomed in and then the family expanded and grew and more bands got added and we all became friends touring over the years.

What Fat Wreck Chords release means the most to you?

RED: You know, when None More Black come out, I really liked that band a lot. But I would have to probably say our first record on there. So probably that one.

YELLOW: *nods in agreement*

Office Bradford: I will say “Double Platinum” by Lagwagon. I think it’s an under- rated album of theirs. I like it a lot.

KJ: Yah, I was going to pick “Hoss” by Lagwagon. When we toured with them the first time, they had a record out I really liked, but by the time we finished touring and saw them again they had put out “Hoss” and that was one that really stood out for sure.

Blue: Maybe the one that made the biggest impact on me personally, I would say….God it’s a hard question. I am going to go with Propagandi “Less talk more rock.”

El Hefe: No Use For A Name! “Leche Con Carne!”

Melvin: Good one. Uh. Shit. What was that first Lagwagon. What was it called?

Several people: DUH!

What is the best Fat band to make love to?

RED: Ah man. I don’t know. That’s kind of a loaded question. I feel like maybe you want to make love to, like NOFX, because it seems they have a lot of money or something so then you could kinda like get in there and get some of their money. But I am also trying to think of like who’s a real good-looking band? You know you guys got the…. (YELLOW whispers something) uh ya there is that one… of course Bad Cop Bad Cop… but also you know, like those dudes from here in The Flatliners, they’re from here, right? Those are pretty good looking dudes in that band…I don’t know. They seem really nice too. Like they would be cuddlers or something.

YELLOW: *nods in agreement*

KJ: Chixdiggit! I am sure that is going to be everyone’s answer.

Blue: I was going to say Masked Intruder actually.

Officer Bradford: I’ll say both. Or Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies, but that is a selfish view of love making. You gotta give as much as you get.


El Hefe: Tony Sly International You Day acoustic version.

What is the best Fat band to take a shit to?

RED: Ah dang. Probably Propagandi. I would have to go with Propagandi. I really like to think about, you know, meaningful things like political and stuff while I am squeezing one out.

YELLOW: *nods in agreement*

KJ: I am going to say Masked Intruder.

Blue: I was going to say Chixdiggit!

KJ: What’s the one with the longest liner notes?

Blue: That would probably be “Less Talk More Rock”

Melvin: SNUFF, SNUFF again.

El Hefe: I guess I would take a shit to Wizo.

A big ass huge thank you to Michael for doing this interview for me. Stay tuned for a video of the full interviews that he'll be posting on 331arts YouTube page! Follow that shiiiit.

Photo cred: Sara Mai Chitty

Fat Wrecked Tour dates: 
08/06 Toronto, ON - Echo Beach *
08/07-09 Montreal, QC - Heavy Montreal *
08/12 Boston, MA - House of Blues #
08/14 Asbury Park, NJ - Stone Pony Summer Stage #
08/15 Philadelphia, PA - Festival Stage at Penn's Landing #
08/17 Chicago, IL - Aragon #
08/18 Minneapolis, MN - Myth Live #
08/20 Denver, CO - The Fillmore #
08/22-23 San Francisco - TBA #
08/24 Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Palladium #

* with NOFX, Lagwagon, Swingin' Utters, Flatliners, Masked Intruder, ToyGuitar,
# with NOFX, Lagwagon, Swingin' Utters, Flatliners, Masked Intruder, ToyGuitar, Bad Cop/Bad Cop