Laundry Room Interview with (three of) Wasted Potential at Pouzza 6

I sat down (while they stood) with Wasted Potential in the laundry room at Pouzza Fest to talk about shit. Check it out:

How many Pouzza's is this for Wasted Potential?
DA: Three, but it's our first one in the laundry room.

So what is it like for you guys on the road during long drives, what does everyone do?
Danny sings Christmas carols.
Danny: Yeah!
Nick: Full on Christmas carols.
DA: Our band honestly has like sections, the front section can hear the speakers so Nick's up there DJ'ing, if you're in the captain chairs in the middle you can sorta hear the music, and then if you're in the back row DC and Danny are there and Danny's singing Backstreet Boys tunes or Christmas Carols while DC's watching YouTube videos or playing games. So if you're in the middle you have a mixture of both and it's pretty distracting. Otherwise it's like you're in different worlds, like the people in the front don't know what the people in the back are doing.
Danny: Which is for the best.

Is it always the same seating?
No we mix it up but I'm usually driving
DA: Reg is usually shotgun because he's really good at just sitting there.
Nick: He's a good co-pilot.
DA: I like sitting in the middle area, it's a big seat and I don't have to join in with the singing in the back..
Danny: Hey!

Can you sing us something right now?

That was beautiful.
That song was happening on the way up here..

Will you guys be putting out a Wasted Potential Christmas album then?
Maybe an a cappella record. It'll be Christmas songs, it'll be Backstreet Boys songs, maybe an N*Sync song, a Morrissey song... and some radio ad jingles. Definitely some radio ads.

Who is the smelliest member of the band?
Danny: I shower the least..
DA: Dan and his vegetarian farts.
Nick: Well, actually it's a tie. Reg has worse farts because he eats a lot of chickpeas and burritos.
Danny: Yeah when it comes to that Reg beats me, but then in terms of being less bathed and sweaty and just generally disgusting, it's me.

Have you guys as a band ever disagreed to the point of it becoming physical or are you always able to work it out with words?
Only once a month.
Danny: Once a month for our entire existence.

And you guys hang out a shit ton out outside of band stuff too right?
Yeah, every Wednesday after practise I go over to DA's house after for some beers and to shit talk everything. I get really upset.
Nick: It's true. We're all good friends. DA and I were tight before the band and we had the idea to start a band so we messed around with different drummers and trying these different things, meanwhile Danny was always like 'can I play?' 'hey can I sing? 'can I sing!?' and we found DC at a Movember show DA put on
DA: Yeah he was playing in a NOFX cover band.
Nick: And then it just sorta spiraled, DA was living with Reg and Reg just said 'I'll play lead so nobody else has to do it'.
DA: And he was like 'I have a van' so we're like yeah if you have a van you can be in the band!
Nick: And I mean, he also shreds harder than anybody we know.

I drove up with a band who basically had their own language, it was all inside jokes that made no sense to me - are you guys the same way after being together so much?
I think so. I think we have our own connection that is different with people outside of the band.
DA: We definitely have weird things that we say that if you were standing around us you wouldn't get it. And people look at our song titles and are always like what the fuck are these song titles about. They're all these weird inside jokes of things that we've said while hanging around with each other and they're all so stupid but they're really funny to us.

What's coming up for Wasted Potential?
DA: We just finished tracking our new record like a week ago with Simon Larochette from Sugar Shack, so he's going to be mixing it then our buddy Dave from Crvsades is going to master it, and I'll probably release it on Get Party and put it out late 2016/early 2017. Right now we're still just supporting our last 7" that we put out in November, playing shows... we're playing Ottawa Explosion. And we've been writing a lot so that's awesome.

Speaking of weird joke song titles, do you have any good ones thought up yet for the new record?
We changed our tune a little bit for this new one..
DA: Danny wanted some more seriousness, he likes the Morrissey side of things so he wanted some more serious song titles.
DA: Honestly the new songs are not as jokey, our biggest joke song is probably the one called "Crvsades" because that bands a joke but we really love them... *laughs* no the song just sounded like Crvsades, well like in our minds it does but they'll be like no it doesn't, so it's called "Crvsades" and we really love that song.