Laundry Room Interview with (a couple of) Pkew Pkew Pkew at Pouzza 6

I sat down with Mike and Emmett from Pkew Pkew Pkew in the laundry room at Pouzza Fest for some chits'n'chats. Check it out!

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Do people ever get confused when you introduce yourself as Pkew Pkew Pkew?
People are sometimes enthusiastic about it until we have to tell them that it's our name...
Emmett: Yeah usually people just sorta shout it back at us and get all excited, like "pkew pkew pkew" *insert gun shooting motion here*..

And people can also call you Gunshots?:
Yeah, if they don't want to say the stupid thing we want them to say they call us Gunshots.
E: Just call us!

I try to avoid this question but I'm actually curious where the name came from in your case..:
I just thought it would be annoying. I like those 'sound' names and being obnoxious in that way. And 'pk', nothing starts with 'p' and 'k'.

Emmett, how long have you been in the band now?
About two years, around two years in March anyway. It started with a few Canadian dates as a fill-in and it worked so it became a permanent thing after that!

So Mike, what do you think Emmett has brought to the band in the last couple of years?
Ummmm clumsiness? He's a lot better at playing instruments than we were before he came along.
E: Nooo.
M: No, It's true!
E: I also brought a love for peanut butter with me..
M: Yeah I never really ate peanut butter before he was in the band.

What's tour life like with you guys? Do you get along during long drives or do you bicker?
We get along pretty good.
E: We listen to the hits a lot.
M:Yeah we listen to the radio and we sing along.
E: There's never any argument about what to listen to because we just turn on top 40 and nobody complains.

I got a ride up to Pouzza with a band that was on tour and everything they said was an inside joke.. are you guys around each other so much that you basically have your own language like that?
I'm pretty sure we do!
M: Yeah we have our own language..
E: Although since we spend most of our time around each other it's hard to check in ... how do we know if this is just our language? Maybe we're just totally wrong.

Has there ever been a big blow up between band members?
I don't think so..
E: We're pretty relaxed for the most part.
M: Yeah nobody has really lost their mind yet.

Who is the smelliest member of the band?
E: Ryan for sure.
M: Definitely Ryan. He sleeps in what he wears... boots... everything. He goes to the bed in full denim attire.. flannel usually as well.

What's your favourite part of Pouzza Fest?
E: That's always good! I like, you know, walking down the street in this great city and every block there's like a million people you know. I mean, we're all contained to the same area so it's bound to happen but it's nice, it's good to see some friends from like London and even people from Toronto that I haven't seen in a bit, and Montreal especially because we're only here a couple times a year. Actually last night it was a really nice little alley party which was amazing, a whole bunch of friends came outside after Stuck Out Here's set.. that, that's sort of the spirit that I'm in it for, it's nice to just see a bunch of familiar faces.

What's coming up for Pkew Pkew Pkew?
Lots actually!
M: The new album comes out June 10th and we're playing at Smiling Buddha that night with Bond Girls and Junior Battles! And then the next morning we start driving to Texas to meet up with Pup for the rest of June... and then we go out with Direct Hit! in July!

See the full list of tour dates here AND check out a stream of their upcoming album here!

They're also playing FEST this year annnnnnd just released this awesome video!