Interview with Valerie from Black Cat Attack!

Black Cat Attack have a new album coming out! Do you have a date of release or anything yet?
Val: Our new ep is called Edraculation. We currently don't have a release date, but we are hoping to announce it in the next month, and we will start playing songs off it this month at our upcoming shows.

Will this one follow the same sort of monsters & aliens & space (oh my!) theme?
V: Monsters, sure. Vampires mostly... I CAN say there will be one alien appearance.

The last album – Bright Side of the Moon – was a little faster and heavier with more riffs and more Dickface than the older stuff… is this new album going in that same direction?
V: Absolutely. Why give up on a good thing? Edraculation has lots of riffs, it's pretty heavy, and of course there will be plenty of Dickface. However there is one song that we kind of took a step back with, the title track. It's slower and I sing it solo. I really love how it turned out and it was cool to switch things up a bit.

Nick Hall from Art Storm Creative did the last cover right? Is he doing this new one as well and is there more pizza involved?
V: Nick did an amazing job with the artwork on BSOTM. We are taking a bit of a different approach with the new album art this time though. No pizza. Well, at the time of this interview there is no pizza involved, but I mean with BCA anything could happen at the last minute.

Who writes the songs, how does that process work?
V: Our process of song writing is all over the place, but it usually starts with one person writing a riff and we build a song around it collectively. Lyrics are always the absolute last to be written, often a week before recording. Then they always get altered on the fly because a new idea will pop up, or we try something different and like it better.

What do you do when Sweet Gravy Brown is out on the road with Sum 41, who fills in?
V: We added a new guitar player, mister Maniac Myk. He is from our local scene in Ajax, and myself, Dickface, and SGB have all been playing shows with him in our various bands over the years. Myk is currently in a couple other bands - Goodnight, Seattle, Empty Chamber, and Lumbergh. His band Empty Chamber will be celebrating their 20th anniversary in February!

Is Dave on this new album?
V: Dave is totally on Edraculation. Not only that, he actually recorded it as well. Business as usual in BCA.

What happened to Van Aykroyd? Stomach pains? 
How can people help if they’re so inclined to?
V: Our tour van, Van Aykroyd has a whole list of problems that have decided to make themselves known all at the same time. At the top of the list is the engine. It started randomly chugging while driving and sometimes it doesn't even start. It has been completely inconsistent with its performance. Our mechanic pretty much told us it's time for a new engine, or a new van. Mix that with the fact is has 550k km on it, and the other issues (windshield, side mirror, side door, shocks, oil leak, power steering leak, some locking mechanisms), it becomes too expensive to save. So we need a new van. Anyone that is willing to donate can do so by coming to shows - Sept 27 at The Bovine in Toronto & Oct 8 at the Atria in Oshawa, or donating to our campaign at the following link:

Val, you seem to be the key component when it comes to both booking your shows and organizing publicity for the band, how did you find time to juggle all that and practice and play with The Anti-Queens and everything else you do? 
Does anyone else help with any of that stuff?
V: I've been doing this for so long now I guess I am just used to it. Emily and Mary take care of The Anti-Queens, I just mostly book the tours with them. In BCA I get tons of help from the guys where and when they are able, but for the most part I really enjoy taking care of the big stuff. I think it has become a habit. Not having a job helps (the company I worked for for almost a decade closed recently, leaving me without employment). Now if only I could find a way to make money doing this....I'd be set.

I noticed on your live video (because you uh talked about it, and showed it up close) Bryan has a Ghostbusters tattoo, have you seen the new movie yet? Thoughts on it?
V: Neither of us have seen it yet. We suck. I guess you could relate this to the previous question - no time for a lot of fun stuff, like going to movies. I heard it's hilarious and I love the cast. I can't wait to see it!

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