Interview with Sailor Jerry rep Arron Thomas on a fucking party bus!

And by 'fucking party bus' I mean an actual party bus that was fucking awesome, not a Bang Bus bus with sad people fucking. There was none of that, just happy people getting fucked up. On liquor. In a party atmosphere that happened to be on a fucking huge bus bigger than my apartment with seats I probably wouldn't mind fucking on and lights that continuously rotated colours from like green to red to pink to blue to green to red to pink to purple or whatever the fucking colours were. AND IT HAD A FUCKING BATHROOM. I shit my pants when I found that out! Out of excitement, and not literally of course because I HAD A TOILET TO SHIT IN ON THE BUS. Kidding, I actually didn't take a shit in there. #1's only for this party pisser.

Interview with Trever Keith from Face to Face

Julian (who puts the 'he' in 'musicsheblogged') had a lovely chat with Trever Keith from Face to Face on the telephone recently and I transcribed the crap out of it just for you, and you, to read! So, fucking read it.